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It's time to level the playing field for retail investors, stay-home traders, and every sports fan out there! 

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Trial Events Started!

Prediction events ongoing for some events! Starting with E-sports and NBA Regular season Head to our Prediction section to check us out!  

Staking is now on!

We have both single staking pools for $RBN, as well as RBN-MATIC-LP pool available for staking!  Head to our Farm and check it out!  

What is Robinos

At Robinos, we want to level the playing field for retail investors, stay-home traders, and every sports fan out there!


 Instead of trading on unfamiliar financial instruments, we're going to provide sports and entertainment prediction events for all the fans


Trade your tokens across the season. 5% of funds collected from each represented tokens will be used to provide liquidity on our partnered DEX.


Exchange your tokens for rewards! Represented tokens of the top teams will be rewarded at the end of the season. Simply stake those tokens, and get your rewards!

Why Robinos?

Tokenized Options

Users to purchase tokens representing their preferred player and/or the team of choice which will be tradeable across the season!  Available on Polygon & BSC 

Competitive Leagues

Represented tokens of the top few teams in the league to be exchanged for a portion of our grand prize when the season ends. 

Prediction Events

We'll be bringing some of the popular events followed by our community, from e-sports, to sports leagues, and many more!


All funds to be held in multi-sig treasuries powered by Gnosis Safe.  Funds are #safu 

Roadmap & Target

Our planned development and growth roadmap and target for Robinos. 


Robinos  Launched! Launch Robinos Farm    Launch of Robinos Prediction Platform app for BSC and Polygon  First Represented Token sale on Prediction Platform app Adopting Snapshot for voting  5000 Twitter followers  Launch Robinos Sports Trading Education blog  Launch at least 3 prediction events with Represented Token Sales 


Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko (Done)  Launch at least 10 different prediction events with Represented Token Sales 100,000 Twitter followers 10 million USD revenue from Represented Token Sales    Partnering with sports journalist to use data from Robinos Prediction Platform as report analysis for articles. 


SafeSnap Adoption - allowing votes conducted on Snapshot to be releasing funds from Robinos Treasury. Launch of short-term prediction events associated with cryptocurrencies market and other possible markets.  

Prediction Events in the near future!


NBA Regular Season, NBA Playoffs. 


Yup, I said it. Football, not soccer. Champions League, EPL, World Cup, other major European leagues and competitions


Hamilton again? Not really with Robinos


Dota 2 TI, CS:GO, Fortnite


IPL, ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, ICC T20 World Cup, Champions League Twenty20. 


MLB regular season, MLB playoffs

American Football


Ice Hockey

Get ready for some flying pucks and punches for the NHL

Political Events


Entertainment Events

Oscars, TV awards, Reality TV. 

Combat Sports

UFC Power Rankings

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